Imagine having a constant backache when you wake up one day. You're worried since the backache is not like other back pains. Back pain specialists can help in this situation. They are essential in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions like scoliosis, which changes the curve of your spine. This article will help you to learn how back pain doctor clifton can assist you if you're suffering from scoliosis. 

What Is The Role Of Back Pain Specialists In Diagnosing Scoliosis?

Screening and Assessment

The screening and evaluation of people for scoliosis is one of the main responsibilities of back pain specialists in New Jersey. One might ponder how they accomplish this. It's very easy. When you go to a back pain specialist with back problems, they will examine your back physically. Scoliosis symptoms will be looked for throughout this evaluation.

Using X-rays

Sometimes, the specialist will request an X-ray to get a clearer view of the curvature of your spine. They take scans of your spine throughout this simple process. These X-rays aid the specialist in determining the type of scoliosis you might have, as well as the severity of the curvature.


Measuring the Cobb Angle

The Cobb angle is a crucial parameter that back pain physicians employ. This measurement aids in determining how much your spine is curled. It is a crucial tool for scoliosis diagnosis. The severity of the scoliosis increases with increasing Cobb angle. 

The Treatment Phase

Let's discuss the role back pain specialists play in treating scoliosis now that you are aware of how this disease is diagnosed.


The specialist might suggest a brace if scoliosis is identified early and the curve is moderate. You can wear a brace, a specifically made device, to help stop the curve from deteriorating as you grow. Scoliosis cannot be cured, although it can be effectively controlled.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists may be recommended to you by back pain doctors. These therapists have specialized training in treating scoliosis patients. They can give you stretches and exercises to aid with posture and ease scoliosis-related pain.

Monitoring Progress

Back pain specialists continue to play a crucial part in your journey with scoliosis beyond the first diagnosis and therapy.


Regular Check-ups

To track the development of your ailment, they'll set up routine check-ups. They will evaluate your spine, calculate your Cobb angle, and inquire about any pain or discomfort you may be feeling during these sessions.

Adjusting Treatment

Your doctor will modify your treatment strategy if your scoliosis persists in spite of treatment. They might suggest a different kind of brace, further physical therapy, or, in extreme circumstances, talk about surgical possibilities. 


In conclusion, experts in back pain are a valuable resource in your struggle against scoliosis. They are extremely important in identifying this condition and assisting you in efficiently managing it. Remember that scoliosis is a treatable condition, and with the help of back center new jersey, you can live a healthy, active life even if your spine is curvy.