Do you occasionally have back pain? There are numerous potential causes of back discomfort, including misaligned muscles or bones. Back pain specialists New Jersey can assist in diagnosing the problem and suggest remedies. They look into your back using specialized images called X-rays and MRI scans to determine the source of the discomfort.


X-rays are specialized rays that can go through the human body and produce an image that shows your bones. X-rays are used by backache specialists to check the spine, a tower-like arrangement of bones in your back. An X-ray can show if you have a problem with your bones, such as a broken one, or whether they are not in the right place.


MRI scans create images of the inner workings of your body using powerful magnets and radio waves. Back pain specialists analyze the muscles, tissues, and nerves in your back using MRI images. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan can help diagnose any issues if these regions aren't operating normally.

How Specialists Combine MRI Scans With X-Rays?

Back pain experts are like sleuths attempting to crack a case. Together, X-rays and MRI scans are used to obtain a complete picture of the internal anatomy of your back. MRI scans display the soft tissues like muscles and nerves, while X-rays display the bones. This clarifies the full context of your back discomfort for them.

Step-By-Step Procedure


To diagnose your issue, a back pain specialist will talk with you about your discomfort and gather information from you. They will also ask you about your medical background to find out more about your health.


If the specialist decides an X-ray is essential, they will ask you to lie down on a table while a camera takes pictures. You might need to put on a protective apron to cover the rest of your body from the X-rays. It is an easy and quick process.

An Mri Scan 

The expert might advise an MRI scan if more specific information is required. Your bed will slide inside a huge, spherical machine. For clear images during the scan, it's crucial to maintain your stillness. Although the equipment emits some loud noises, you can wear headphones to tune out the noise and feel more at ease by listening to music.


The doctor will carefully review the images when the X-rays and MRI scans are completed. They will examine your bones, muscles, discs, and nerves for any anomalies. They can identify the source of your back discomfort based on what they observe in you. It can be a strained muscle, a herniated disc, or another problem.


It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is happening inside your body when you suffer back discomfort. Back pain doctor Woodland can help with that. By employing X-rays and MRI scans, they act as the sleuths of the medical world, unraveling the puzzle of your back pain. They are able to observe details that may not be apparent from the outside. So, keep in mind that there are professionals who can use cutting-edge equipment to find out how to make you feel better the next time you have back pain.